Dr. Urban specializes in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery.  Extensive training and experiences contributes to his success in directing the treatment of a vast array of traumatic injuries, breast reconstruction, skin cancer and complicated wound care.  Dr. Urban has a strong interest in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, abdomen and lower body.  A highly individualized and realistic approach is offered to those considering elective plastic surgery. A medically supervised skin care program, which consists of in-office treatments and home care products, is also available.  Dr. Urban provides complete consultations that include information about options, outcomes, risks, tradeoffs and benefits for each patient.  Physician-referred or self-referred patients are welcome.

The practice is set up to provide treatment to all age groups.  Dr. Urban comfortably considers the age and developmental level of children referred for care and has provided plastic surgery services to many newborns,toddlers, school-aged children and adolescents.

New Patient Consultations may be scheduled within three to ten weeks. Urgent referrals may be seen the same day or within 24 hours.


Dr. Urban is recognized in the Western Slope Region for his expertise in hand surgery, including reimplantation of severed digits, as well as acute care of facial trauma patients.  He also specializes in complicated wound care and treatment of burn injuries.

He is available to accept the care of facial and hand trauma patients from a three-state region encompassing western Colorado, southeastern Utah and southwest Wyoming.  Transport through St. Mary's Air Life may be arranged after a telephone consultation.


The initial consultation provides you with thorough and realistic information about your cosmetic goals.  Initial consultations typically last one full hour, and you are welcome to schedule additional review consultations at no charge.

Dr. Urban offers life long post-operative follow-up care at no charge for all cosmetic surgery procedures.

We assure optimal care and comfort during the procedure by performing most cosmetic procedures at an accredited surgical center and use of anesthesiologists for all major procedures.

Dr. Urban performs surgical procedures at First Choice Surgery Center, Grand Valley Surgical Center, St. Mary's Regional Medical Center, Community Hospital, or Montrose Memorial Hospital. The facility fee varies for each location for cosmetic procedures.  A separate estimate is provided for each location.  In some cases, you may choose which location you prefer.

Additionally, some procedures such as sclerotherapy, liposuction or scar revision may be performed in the office.  The option of performing a procedure in the office should be discussed with Dr. Urban.


Informational brochures about the different chemical peels or skin care products may be requested.

Contact our office to schedule a formal skin evaluation with Dr. Urban.

Products may be purchased on a walk-in basis without scheduling a formal skin evaluation. Our Office RN may be able to suggest products based on your skin type.

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